Manuli Hydraulics is globally renowned for the quality, performance and reliability of its hydraulic connectors. However, even the best products can still be made better and as technologies develop there is often the opportunity to further improve our products.

For this reason we have evolved the design of the M03400-08 and M00910-06 ferrules in order to further optimise the performance of these components.

The new references for these ferrules are M03450-08 and M00920-06 respectively, and they will be phased-in starting Q1 2023; after which, the existing M03400-08 and M00910-06 ferrules will no longer be available.

Delivery of new ferrules will be based on stock rotation criteria (ie: total consumption of existing stock) and details will be provided by Manuli Customer Service during order processing.

Please note that there is a change to the crimping data for the M03450-08 ferrule compared to the original M03400-08 ferrule, so please ensure that you update all relevant assembly instructions accordingly.

The full details of this product update, including the revised crimping data, can be downloaded here.