Most hydraulic systems need to incorporate a certain degree of system vibration into their design, especially when it comes to the interconnecting assets such as hoses and fittings. However, whilst many applications simply produce minor levels of system vibration as a by-product of normal operation, there are some applications where extreme vibration is the desired end result.

Applications such as road-rollers, hydraulic hammers and drilling equipment require high levels of vibration to adequately perform their functions. These extreme operational conditions can often lead to certain failures in hydraulic connectors that are rarely seen in other less severe applications, with one of the main causes of failure coming from fittings and couplings literally being shaken apart.

Manuli Hydraulics has solved this, and other high-vibration related issues by the introduction of their Vibration Products range of hoses and fittings.

Specifically designed to resist the combination of excessive internal component wear, high untightening torques and frequent high-pressure impulses, the Manuli Vibration Products range provides long-lasting, reliable connections in situations where other connectors just can’t cope.

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