Manuli Hydraulics is always on the look-out for ways in which we can improve both the efficiency and the quality of new and existing production operations.
For this reason we have reassessed our skiving equipment offering.
Going forward, we will be upgrading all of our skiving machine kits to come equipped with our new Heavy Duty Skiving Blade (p/n: 3950316) instead of our Standard Skiving Blades (p/n: 3011221). The new Heavy Duty Blade is suitable for both after-market and OEM production operations which use either ESA or ESP model skiving tools on their machines.
This new blade is now also highly recommended for all future replacements and spares.
The new Heavy Duty Blade has 4 cutting edges instead of 2, and is manufactured from titanium-coated HSS. The new blade is proven to provide an extended operational life of up to 5 times that of the Standard Blade, as well as high quality skiving of even the toughest hose covers, including those which previously required a dedicated tool for skiving.
As a result of this upgrade the dual-action ForestMaster™ Skiving Tool (p/n: ESS3220NMESP) will be withdrawn from the market effective immediately.
Contact your Manuli Hydraulics representative now to find out more about this and the rest of our assembly equipment range.