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The Q.Safe Range

Q.Safe is the Manuli Hydraulics offering for quick coupling applications. Composed of more than 1,200 references, accessories and spare parts, the Q.Safe brand has rapidly become an industry byword for quality and performance.

The entire Q.Safe product range is manufactured with an environmentally friendly Cr3+ (trivalent chrome) surface coating, which offers excellent resistance to corrosion; far exceeding ISO 4520 requirements (salt spray resistance: 240 hours for white corrosion and 400 for red corrosion). Guaranteeing leak-free performance, the Q.Safe brand is suitable for a wide range of different applications and assures total interchangeability with other quick coupling products on the market.

All Q.Safe products are manufactured and assembled in our world-class facility in Poland, where they are subjected to stringent quality controls including:


Visual Check


Functional Test


Air Sealing Test

The entire Q.Safe quick couplings range comprises:
MQS-A - ISO-A poppet and ball valves couplings MQS-VB - Braking circuit valves
MQS-AP - ISO-A under pressure couplings MQS-VS - Agricultural valves
MQS-AM - ISO-A connectible with male under pressure MQS-D - Couplings for diagnosis
MQS-AB - ISO-A connectible under pressure MQS-F - Flat-Face couplings
MQS-B - ISO-B poppet valve couplings MQS-FH - Flat-Face high pressure couplings
MQS-BOP - ISO-B poppet valve couplings with flame test resistance to API 16D MQS-FP - Flat-Face male connectible under pressure
MQS-N - Standard poppet and ball valves couplings MQS-FS - Flat-Face screw-type
MQS-NL - Free flow couplings MQS-FEH - Flat Face extra heavy duty
MQS-NF - Standard push-pull poppet valve couplings MQS-SG - Screw-type couplings
MQS-AF - Push-pull couplings MQS-SGR - Screw-type couplings for heavy duty
MQS-AFP - Push-pull connectible under pressure couplings MQS-SH - Screw very high pressure
MQS-AFM - Push-pull connectible with male under pressure - Flexible mounting MQS-SC - Screw-type couplings for hydraulic cylinder couplings
MQS-AFB - Push-pull connectible with both parts under pressure - Flexible mounting MQS-ST - Screw-type couplings for trucks
MQS-ARM - Push-pull connectible with male under pressure - Rigid mounting MQS-SO - Screw-type coupling for Oil & Gas
MQS-ARB - Push-pull connectible with both parts under pressure - Flexible mounting MQS-DHI - Couplings direct hose integrated
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Q.Safe Flat Face Program

One of the cornerstones of the Manuli quick coupling product range is the Q.Safe range of flat face quick couplings. Developed to cope with extreme conditions, the flat face range pushes the boundaries of what can be achieved by production model quick couplings.

The Q. Safe flat face range is comprised of four distinct flat valve models:

MQS-F – Flat face coupling
MQS-FH - High pressure flat face coupling
MQS-FP - Flat face coupling with male connectable under pressure
MQS-FS - Screw type flat face coupling
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Each model has been designed to our uniquely high specifications, ensuring that it provides the best possible performance in whatever application it is used for. In fact, due to their unique hydrodynamic design, the Q.Safe flat face range of quick couplings provide the lowest pressure drop profile on the market.


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The entire flat face product range provides the following benefits:


Streamlined inner profile provides market-leading pressure drop performance at high flow rates

Environmentally friendly Cr3+ (Trivalent Chrome) coating with 400+ hours to red rust under salt spray conditions

WP of up to 25 MPa (disconnected) and 35 MPa (connected) with a safety factor of 4:1 in all states

Moulded polyurethane (PU) seal on male coupling

Almost zero oil spillage during connection / disconnection

Made from highly resistant materials with selective tempering on most stressed areas

Working temperature range from -30°C to +110°C (-22°F to +230°F)

Globally interchangeable according to ISO 16028

Tested to 1,000,000 cycles at 120% of working pressure

No oil contamination during connection / disconnection

Low connection / disconnection effort

In addition to this, the FH, FP and FS versions have additional properties which make them suitable for their more specialised applications.

Q.Safe Flat Face Multiconnectors

The Q.Safe Flat Face range is widely renowned for representing the Gold Standard in quick coupling quality and performance.

The introduction of the Q.Safe Flat Face Multiconnector range combines this superior performance with the added efficiency and safety related benefits of a multiconnector block system.

Q.Safe Multiconnector Benefits:

Reduces connection time when multiple connectors are used
No risk of incorrect connection
No misalignment between mobile and static blocks
Compact design for minimal added weight
Flat face couplings allow high pressures (350 bar) and high flow rates
Allows hoses to be arranged closer together whilst still allowing easy access
Industry leading performance with reduced pressure drop
Almost zero (between 0.007cc and 0.009cc) oil spillage on connection / disconnection
Connection under residual pressure
Easy to clean
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DHI – Direct to Hose Integration

The Q.Safe DHI program from Manuli Hydraulics is an innovative system which allows the quick coupling to be assembled directly to the hose.

Assembly of the quick coupling directly to the hose provides a number of important benefits over the more typical adaptor style fittings.

DHI solutions are available for ISO A, ISO B and flat face series quick couplings and offer the following benefits:

Fewer components in the hose assembly reduces the cost of assembly operations and parts
Reduced number of components also minimises the number of potential leak points
Reduced risk of assembly operation mistakes
Easier maintenance and replacement operations
Quick coupling maintenance is possible without the need to replace the hose
Eliminates unscrewing problems in the field
Fewer components in the hose assembly reduces the cost of assembly operations and parts
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