New pressure washer hoses range from Manuli Hydraulics

We are pleased to announce the launch of ISOJET, our new water-cleaning hoses range and an important addition to Manuli Industrial portfolio.

ISOJET hoses have been developed to satisfy the needs of every water-cleaning application:

  • Compact, lightweight and flexible for an easy handling;
  • Wrapped cover with embossed brand for maximum resistance to scratch and wearing;
  • Integrated no-skive fittings (one-piece or two-piece) for a seamless and safe assembling.

This range will replace the existing K-Jet, SuperJet and ProJet lines, and is available in a variety of colours and structures. It also comes in two distinct pressure ratings (280bar and 420bar), making it a versatile line for both hobby and professional use.

ISOJET hoses are available in fixed lengths of 200ft, 100ft, 50ft, 40m, 20m; with special lengths available upon request.

Download your copy of the Manuli hydraulics ISOJET Brochure to find out more about the advantages of these new water-cleaning hoses.