Manuli Hydraulics has long been established as one of the global leaders in the design and manufacture of premium quality quick couplings. The Q.Safe range of quick couplings is widely considered to represent the gold standard in both performance and resilience, but even the best can be made better.

Designed to withstand extreme levels of high frequency impulses at very high pressures, the new MQS-FEH extra heavy-duty quick coupling uses a new and unique (pat. pending) locking system. This system ensures that in even the most severe high-frequency impulse conditions, the MQS-FEH coupling will provide a long lasting, secure and leak-free seal. This is made possible by the innovative and unique design of the couplings, where potential failure modes previously accepted as inevitable, have been addressed, solved and eradicated.

MQS-FEH is therefore ideal for a variety of demanding equipment, tools and applications such as:

  • Hydraulic hammers
  • Stone crushers and screeners
  • Demolition equipment
  • Vibratory compactors and road rollers
  • Asphalt milling equipment
  • Pile driving equipment
  • Hard rocks drilling equipment
  • General off-highway equipment subject to high levels of vibrations


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