The challenges of open pit mining – huge loads, high temperatures and tough materials – place enormous demands on the hydraulic systems of the giant machines that work within these environments. To keep the cost per tonne to a minimum these machines must be capable of running almost constantly with minimum downtime for maintenance and maximum intervals between servicing.

The greatest stress placed on these hydraulic systems is within the hose assemblies, often referred to as ‘hump hoses’, that supply power from the main control valve to the boom. The high pressures, constant stress and high fluid temperatures can cause rapid aging in all but the most resilient of hose assemblies.

Developed specifically to cope with these challenges the new Hercules/HT System from Manuli Hydraulics offers a fully integrated solution to maximise service hours and minimise downtime. With performance that matches or exceeds that of the original equipment manufacturer the new Hercules/HT System allows you to make every dollar count.


Hercules/HT System Brochure.